A Industrial Design oriented program. An oportunitiy to create a unique functional artistic piece reinforcing dignity and recognition for what we can do.

our mission

to maintain and increase the independence, social inclusion and dignity of population with different abilities while creating opportunities through design, art and cultural diversity.

Promotion of fully inclusive community by offering support, vocational training, workforce development and hands on activities to everyone with diverse abilities as well to their caregivers and families, conjunction with companionship to stimulate and foster family empowerment, entrepreneurship projects, facilitate their interaction with the surrounding world to improve efficiency with everyday tasks, including the community.

LEading productive lives with art and love

“success with our programs from Colombia-south america !”

Two of our creatives feeling happy and empowered at their Eco-Fashion runway. Because we want to bring the same joy to the West Palm Beach community, support us.



aZul for Better Living, Inc. is a private nonprofit foundation that provides support services for family empowerment and workforce development activities for “differently-abled” people with differential abilities. aZul encourages use of free time, exploring the city, the arts, and learning to live through formative experiences and guidance in the practice of activities of daily living. Socialization activities and strengthening artistic abilities oriented to self-expression for those who learn to live and live to learn..

resale that makes cents

Don't pass on the opportunity to learn and growth with your loved ones!

we are an itinerant organization, willing to move were we are needed

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​be the reason someone smiles today!!

We are taking donations in service, in kind and there is not little dollar for this big cause.

azul designs new ways of living, while art empowers all abilities

Our Eco-fashionable Program linking design and population with different abilities generating endless oportunities by creating new trends and discovering new capacities.

  • experienced instructors
  • Trained counselors
  • specialized artist
  • accessible locations
  • family empowerment
  • inclusive programs

A real experience  for our creatives and cronies to start entrepreneurship activities while growing on social skills and money managment.

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Phone   954-600-5330